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Music Ministry Resources

I have an abundance of music ministry services and resources I have created or assembled over the years that I am making available on here free for use in meeting you ministry needs.  Below you will find several resources that you may find very helpful. If you have a need email us and we will do our best to immediately meet your need as we are able.

Looking for readable chord charts? 

I have created a template for very readable chord charts! Click Here!!

Looking for Audio/Visual training materials?      

 I assembled information into a manual to serve as a complete training tool and gave it away! Click Here!!

Here are some music team/training resources!

Here are some Original Praise and Worship Songs


It is my hope that you would find the songs I write as desirable to use for personal or corporate worship.  Please consider contacting me via emailFacebook, or Twitter, and letting me know that you are makimg use of them.  I will be uploading many more soon.


***Please read the following disclaimer at the bottom of the page before downloading any material from this site.  Downloading any materials from this site indicates that you agree with the provisions made by the owner of the site whether you have thoroughly read them or not.


(Music and Chord Charts!!!)

Incomplete                    Song     Chord Chart

Light The Fire              Song     Chord Chart

Forever (Psalms 100)    Song     Chord Chart  

Original "Sermon Songs" (That's what I call them!)


Promise Song      Chord Chart
Bring In Peace Song

     Chord Chart




I am always uncomfortable doing this type of thing but it is necessary to be able to offer my services at no charge.  My desire is to see my 15 years of work making your life as a minister easier and more joyful.  I recognize that to those of us who hold to our integrity, these types of disclaimers are unnecessary.  They, however, do not bother me because I know they are necessary in order to clearly state the boundaries of the resource offered and I have no issue in working within set parameters.  It's a matter of integrity.  Most of us place a high value on our integrity as Christians and ministers. Yet because there are those among us who do not yet understand the importance of holding to the strict standard of ethics, I must state clearly the boundaries of the services offered.

 ***All works are original and owned by the author and owner of this site, Patrick Hazard (from this point forward all references to owner and author will refer to the same Patrick Hazard).  All musical works have official copyrights and protection.  They are available to you at no cost to use within your congregational worship services.  However, if these songs are to be used for financial gain (including but not limited to any productions with a ticket, door charge, donation for any copied work within a cd or dvd, etc) you must first contact us through this site and financial arrangements must be made.  At no point are these songs to be duplicated by cd, dvd, or any other analogue or digital media without contacting this site and getting specific permission to do so.  The owner is giving this away with the specific intent to make this available for congregational use.  Any financial gain, whether implied or intended, needs to be handled ethically and properly rendering due monies to the original author and composer.  Any use of the work is to be credited to the owner.  Any person or group that uses these resources for financial gain without attaining proper permissions will have to surrender the total of the monies made for the media or venue that included this to the owner.  Stealing is a sin ... even for ministers.