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Patrick and Yulanda have extremely valuable (and well earned) experience in areas of business ownership, leadership, finance, and sales as well as education.  Patrick was the owner/director of A & D Armor Coat, Inc, a successful contracting company licensed in the NOLA region.  Patrick understands the complexity of building design as well as installations/repairs, rennovations, demolitions, and new builds.  Patrick also owned/directed PDH Music, a company that focused on music education.  Patrick currently is the owner/director of PYH Enterprises as well as the director for PHM (Patrick Hazard Ministries), a non-profit organization.  Patrick and Yulanda are also the directors/operaters for the "Ask the Haz" Ministry, a multimedia question and answer resource.  Additionally, Patrick serves as the Hazfactor, a role known through multimedia ministries in the New Orleans Region (JC Mix1, You've Got Talent, The Vine, Corey Hicks, etc) including sitting as the main character on the Chris Asks The Haz show.  Yulanda is a behind the scenes guru.  Patrick will tell you that in all of the businesses, engagements, ministries, etc, none of it would be possible without Yulanda's skill and experience in finances, bookkeeping, marketing, and just good old sense and people skills.

Patrick and Yulanda chose to homeschool their children with an aggressive curriculum that would academically challenge them more than what they would be if in the public system.  They chose to start their own school, the Maranatha Academy of Fine Arts, to do just that.  Patrick, a certified math teacher, and Yulanda, who holds a business degree, continuously work to challenge their children's academic growth, as well as their spiritual well being. 

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If your ministry is actively working for the kingdom and you need help making decisions for building projects to allow you to better serve your community, consider consulting with us.  Our services are free because our desire is to see ministries free to minister.

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"Get your projects done with the highest quality at a price you can afford."  You will not need the warranty, that's our guarantee.  Every piece of material is inspected before we install it.  If we don't believe we can fix your problem, we won't waste your time.

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