The HAZ  Ministries

What starts in here will ...

                                                                    Caution!  Working with Hazardous materials can change your life...

Freely received ... freely given.

  • The Person of the Holy Spirit - Jesus spent good time explaining the need and preparing us to receive the Holy Spirit ... He told us that He (the Holy Spirit) was the reason Jesus had to return ... so that the Holy Spirit could do His work in us and through us.  Yet that very same gift has sparked such divisions and controversies within the church ... how unfortunate.  The Holy Spirit in the 3rd face of the trinity ... but what's His role.  Why is He needed?  What does He exactly do for and through us? 

  • The Power of His Resurrection - Our sin separated us from God's presence causing us to be destined for eternal punishment.  But God had a plan ... from the beginning!  But why would God, being so good and all powerful conjure up a plan that involved killing His own Son?  Surely there had to be another way ... or was there?  And what exactly did His death and resurrection do? 

  • Broken or Ground Into Powder - God wants us to remain flexible.  He desires for us to have a broken spirit ... to remain humble and teachable.  But what happens when His children begin to harden their hearts to His teachings?  Does He just let them go? 


  • Start At Home - Where does true ministry begin?  We focus so much on the end or the future of our calling but what does the world we live in need from us and what lessons are here for us to learn to prepare us from whatever God has for us later?
  • The Armor Of God - From a soldiers've never heard it like this.
  • The Called - The characteristics of the calling to ministry that we all share.

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd - A verse repeated by so many in times of seeking comfort.  But who can really claim this promise?

  • The Will of God - So many people confuse the will of God and the plan of God which can cause great confusion and unecessary pain.  What is God's will for our lives?  Can we truly find ourselves outside of His will?  What would that look like?  How can that happen?