Our HAZOGRAPHY - the beginnings of what is now The HAZ

What starts in here will ...

                                                                    Caution!  Working with Hazardous materials can change your life...

The HAZ is Patrick and Yulanda Hazard (and all of our contributors).

The HAZ was birthed as a result of several needs surfacing simultaneously early in their ministry.  The name "HAZ" itself was a common nickname for Patrick and his brothers growing up ... it was more of an insult during the younger years but eventually was embraced.  During Pat and Yuci's early ministry years, there were obvious technical and resource needs of ministries that weren't being met.  Technology was growing so fast but the know-how wasn't readily available.  At the same time, the ministries Pat and Yuci were serving also were showing needs for readily available reasources (Bible studies, etc) that were also going unmet.  The lauchpad, however, was the discovery that the greatest need of those who we served before was communicated to be a forum for tough, honest questions and answers.  People wanted to know what God said in the Bible concerning everyday matters ... and were frustrated finding a source of information.  This began the "Ask The Haz" portion of their ministry.  It was originally a small part of their ministry, but as their responsibilities grew, so did the needs of those they served and discipled.  Today, The HAZ serves to meet any need communicated with either tangible resources or a good solid connection to organizations and ministries that specialize in meeting that need.

Patrick and Yulanda have been brought from pain to promise. Patrick was a young man lost in the world of violence and drugs on the streets of Newburgh, NY . Yulanda was a young girl from Louisiana lost to loneliness and isolation. They accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior in April of 1995 and, after seeking God's will for their lives, married in May of 1996. They immediately understood their need to have a deep and truthful relationship with God in order to truly impact this world for Him.  Patrick spent 8 years in the US Army as an infantry soldier serving in two hostile fire zones.  He was sent to many leadership schools to include the US Army Drill Sergeant School and served as a Drill Sergeant.  He led his platoon of soldiers as a section leader and master gunner during the Bosnian War.  He earned his degree in math and education with an undeclared major in psychology and has served on leadership teams as a public school teacher and coach. He has also owned His own construction company as well as run construction companies as a foreman, supervisor, and as a jobsite consultant.   


Yulanda graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Business Management and has run the sales and marketing departments of several large companies.  She has held the offices as Sales Director, Assistant Manager, Administrator, and Executive Administrator and has traveled extensively to broaden her scope of management.  She has served at Patrick's side and often in his shadows and can give invaluable insight and counsel to those who understand the stresses of serving the ministry and owning a business from within the walls of the home.  Patrick and Yulanda are both Certified Belief Therapists.


The Lord added four wonderful extensions to their family: in Nov 2002 Areyliah Jean, in Dec 2004 Dayson Joseph, in Sep 2008 Mileyna Annaliese, and Jaryn Daniel in Jul 2011.  Patrick and Yulandavhave served as missionaries to the New Orleans area with MTC Ministries. as staff pastors at Christian Fellowship Church, as well as several other ministries in New Orleans and across the state of Louisiana.  


Patrick and Yulanda returned to America in 2012 after considering a missions post in Grenada, while in a state of understood transition, to serve Pastor Robert Kratzer as the Student Ministries Pastor as well as lead worship at New Life Worship Center. 


In October of 2013 Patrick and Yulanda were asked to consider a missions plant in upstate NY. Encouraged by the Holy Spirit and in unity with their ministry leadership, they moved from Louisiana to Prattsville, NY on August 15th, 2014 to serve in foundational and directoral leadership for a residence-based discipleship ministry, DISCOVER LIFE, with the specific mission to minister to people bound with addiction and offer them hope and freedom through the power of the Gospel. They continued in ministry among their community founding a regional discipleship service as well as a minsitry preparation school. Their ministry grew but their time was not easy. Immediately, their youngest son, Jaryn, began struggling to breathe. He has a small trachea that the warm and moist Louisiana air didn't effect, but the cold, dry, and thin air in the mountains landed him in the hospital several times. In Feb 2015, their oldest son Dayson was bitten by a tick and was diagnosed with Guillen Barre after suffering a traumatic loss of bodily control. His recovery lasted 7 months, most of it in severe pain and unable to move without help. But the Hazards were able to continue in ministry and lives were continuing to be reached. In September of 2016, their lives and ministry were again interupted by a health crisis. Their olderst daughter, Areyliah, succumbed to a rare mycobacterium and had to leave their home and ministry and move to Boston. After a 5 months inpatient hospital stay and years of partial hospitalization, Areyliah recovered from this infection injury. Praise God, He has shown Himself ever faithful! 

The Hazards, now living in the greater Boston region, continue to trust in the Lord, seeking His continuing will for their lives.  They are currently serving in ministry at Chapel of the Cross in Westborough in areas of worship, discipleship, and pastoral support. They offer themselves freely to the local ministries who might benefit from their experience. God is a very near help to His children during times of distress and pain. Their lives serve as a tangible example of His grace. Pat and Yuci desire to use the lessons of their pasts and present to help others struggling to find their way.  Their training and experience in leadership are at your service.  If you feel we could serve your congregation or ministry, click here.