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About Our Ministry

The purpose of this page is to provide basic insight into who we are and what we do.  For more detailed information I invite you to search through all of the pages.  If we have something that you need, take it and use it.  It is our joy and delight to be allowed to help those who are busy about our Master's work.   The HAZ


Gen 12:1-2  Now the LORD had said to Abram: "Get out of your country, From your family And from your father's house, To a land that I will show you. 2  I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.

We are currently seeking the Lord to determine how He desires to use us here in the greater Boston area. From August 2014 tp Dec 2016, we served in a missions post in upstate NY to found and direct DISCOVER LIFE, a discipleship ministry for men who were dealing with unmanageable life issues most often associated with addiction whose mission is to disciple people in the discovery of their identity, passion, and purpose. A health crisis with our daughter forced us to relocate to Boston and pressed a painful decision to be seperated from a ministry we are so passionate about. The ministry continues. 

We are still working out the detials of our relationship as American-based missionaries to Grenada with the International Pentecostal Assemblies of Grenada.  As we walk through this door we are carefully discerning God's will here.  Time will tell.  We had previously accepted the call to be missionaries to New Orleans soon after Hurricane Katrina and remained there in ministry for 6 years.  The life and calling of a missionary is extremely different from the life of the typical stationary ministry positions.  As missionaries, we serve multiple ministries throughout the region we serve meeting various needs of the different church bodies.  For some we preach, teach, and lead worship.  For others we provide counseling and education.  Yet for some, we provide resources (technology or just plain elbow grease) and aquire needed workers or materials to help the ministries better serve their congregations.  Regardless of what we do, it is at the pleasure of the churches we serve.    This allows us to have a much deeper and wider impact on the community.

While there are some who do not respect home missions as true missionary service, that is only because of a lack of understanding.  Remember, America is a nation of nations.  New Orleans was as foreign to me as Paris.  Regardless of other people's view, the life of a missionary is very fulfilling because you get to be another part of the body that brings about true wholeness within the church.  Not everyone can go.  But to all who are called in this, it is our pleasure ... a great adventure whose road allows for the meeting of so many unique people with such amazing stories and experiences that would otherwise remain unknown. 

We truly love what we do!

Worship Leaders

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We are passionate about leading a group of people gathered together into God's presence through intimate and truthful worship.  Worship is a fundamental part of everything we do.  As worship leaders, we have led large gatherings and crusades as well as small groups into the presence of God.  We see music as a God-given tool to allow us as a congregation to unite in word and thought praising and worshipping our God.

With that in mind, we orchestrate each service with the needs of the people gathering, and not in spite of them.  We recognize that our main objective is to find the words that will allow the congregation to be one voice recognized by God as who they are and not merely a copy of another work.  Therefore, the songs we play are never chosen because of our own preferences.  Every song chosen is only done with prayer and consideration for the needs of the people at the time of the gathering.

As a result of this approach, there is an expectancy that is always met with a divine and unique encounter.  We do not worship the move of God, but we know that when we worship God, it moves Him.

We enjoy the challenge of leading teams in place, as well as being part of a team of our own.

We have served as worship pastors for several churches and as worship leaders for many organizational events to include concerts, camps, crusades, city-wide gatherings, retreats, and missions.  


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We have served in many ministry roles.  As an ordained pastor I have served as a senior pastor, an associate pastor, a worship pastor, a student ministries pastor, and a youth and childrens pastor.  Yulanda ministers to the congregation working at my side.  We are a united team that offers a unique balance of ministry to those we serve.  We have a heart for youth and young adults.  Both of our pasts and all of our training and education in ministry (and in my career) has been about bettering the lives of youth by impacting them where they are in order to lead them where they should go.  We take a family approach, to some offering more of what they are comfortable with already thanks to a good and godly home, to others offering almost an alien love.  God is deeply concerned with the well-being of His young children, and we take delight in following after His heart with them.

We are also passionate about young married couples.  We have watched so many marriages dissolve over the years.  It is our desire to help strengthen the bond through mentoring and education young married couples preparing them for the journey to fulfill the commitment they have made to each other before God. 

We recognize that any ministry to any faction of the church will affect in many ways every demographic of the church.  Ministry to teens is also ministry to their parents, grandparents, community, etc.  So it is not a cliche when we say we see our ministry to the entire congregation, and not merely stuffed in a corner selecting only some to love.  Our desire is to radiate God's love to whomever needs it.  That is why we are sure to meet new faces with genuine care.  That is why we listen to the answers when we ask the questions.  That is why we meet with parents, families, and any other part of the community that has a concern or need that we can address or help them get resolved.  That is why we do what we do.  The mission is people, and we love people!


We believe in godly counsel.  Both of us are Certified Belief Therapists (CBT's) recognized by the state as therapists.  We believe that God's people often walk wounded and need assistance in gaining that victory.  It is our pleasure to be a part of any person in bondage finding freedom.