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Hymnal Chord Charts

All songs are posted in editable formatting for your use!!!  I have yet to find a site that allows people to adjust document formatting to personal specs.  That's why I made this template and (through these songs) am giving it to you!!!  I prefer chord charts to be clear and concise.  I do my best to design sheet music to have the largest possible font while keeping the song to one page.  You may disagree.  Adjust the template to your preferences and begin your database.

I have posted hymns for two reasons:

1.  Hymns are powerful.  They teach with both power and simplicity from the Bible the goodness, glory, and grace of God.  They focus on the truth of who He is and what He has done rather than on our emotional respone and limited view of Him.

2.  Due to copyright laws, I can only post songs on here that are in the public domain (typically hymns).

I strongly suggest every pastor subscribing to a service such as that will account for any and all legal and ethical issues dealing with copyright issues involving your need to duplicate and distribute the songs to the worship team members. Songselect also allows you to have music written in multiple formats, in all keys, and (for most songs) you can even listen to the song.  

Free sites such as are great sources to quickly get song sheets but are usually limited to the key they were uploaded in, the formatting is poor, the chords are often in the wrong place, and the chords are often wrong.  Sites like this are used to get the lyrics and basic chord play of the songs but should be futhur edited in order to be readable and accurate.


Great Source for Church Copyright Legal Information!!!


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