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                                                                    Caution!  Working with Hazardous materials can change your life...

Education Needs Serviced

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    Testing, Tutorials, Coaching, Quiz/Exam Preparation, Homework Help,

    Homeschool helps and tips

Home schools

    Lesson Ideas, Coaching, Logistical Assistance, Associations, Field Trips 

 Fire Arms Safety and Use

     We are NOT a licensing agency. We assist individuals in the process to secure an LTC. We assist people with their LCT in the selection and use of firearms that are best suited for their needs and abilities. We keep an inventory and have access to a range that allows visitors. We are not in any agreement expressed or implied with any range or distributor. We simply help people with firearms safety and selection.


     We keep a selection of fully insured and inspected vehicles that we are willing to use on private property to teach proper use of a standad transmission, 4x4 applications including high and low range applications. We also teach trailoring. We are not a licensed driving organization. Prospective drivers should have their own license and insurance and will have to sign waivers of liability.

Music    (Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Mixing, Recording)

    Tutoring, Coaching, Evaluating, Problem Solving, Gear Solutions                       


    Consultations for stuff that is "just not working!"