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                                                                    Caution!  Working with Hazardous materials can change your life...

Ministry Needs List

As promised, I am assembling a list of needs for the ministry here.  Henry Ford once said, "Never build a reputation on something you are going to do."  These guys are doing it ... they are after it.  They are not using materials to promote themselves and make themselves comfortable.  They live simple, their faith is extraordinary ... and we can help them to better and easier by meeting some very important needs.  If you feel the desire to help meet these needs, I will be back in the US in mid October.  Send me an email of what you are feeling led to do and I will get in touch with you.  I will make sure you desire to help gets quickly to where in needs to go.  Thank you for considering this work of ministry as worthy of your investment of at least time, if not more.


Printing and Copying Equipment

The whole ministry ... 40+ churches ... are run logistically using one ink jet.  The church and school in Guyana has no access to copying equipment.  They need several laser jet copiers that can handle bulk copying tasks.  The needs for literature here is large ... churches rely on word of mouth primarily ... there is a great need to get the written literature into the hands of the ministers to distribute to the Hindu and Muslim people.  As of now, they rely on a HP Inkjet (not even and all in one) to do everything ... the ink costs and frustration of frequent replacement alone is unecessary.  They would do well to have about 3 - 6 large scale copiers to start with ... in the end, every church needs its own printing machine.  They will also need paper!!!


Computer Equipment

The internet is fully active here.  The problem is that all hardware is extremely expensive.  The Trinidadian people are perfectly happy to have old computers ... like the Pent 4's and such.  Most churches don't have their own computer to track logistics and such as well as move forward in recording and distribution of sermons and other digital material.  The people here in large have nothing to do and so are very inclined to attend any and all meetings or rallys where they feel they may be entertained ... it is a huge Gospel road here and so many have received Christ through these events.


Audio/Visual Equipment

There is a great need for video projectors, A/V cables, sound systems, etc.  The people here are at the mercy of only a few sources for this who all charge ridiculous prices and only offer limited inventory.  Several churches are employing jurassic PA "systems" working with a rig that is miraculously working.  The members of the worship teams here really do their best to make to with what they have ... but what they have is run down and low quality.  The mics are always cutting out due to condition of the mics and the mic cables made from low quality materials.  The members of the church are perfectly able to solder their own stuff ... but they have nothing to work with.  They really need some good, sturdy, quality mic, instrument, and speaker cables.  They could also use some snakes.


Surge Protectors!!!

The electricity here is the same as in the US ... but they are in real need of quality surge protectors (3 prong) and real quality light, medium, and heavy duty electric cords.


Guitar and Bass Strings and Drum Sticks!!!

There are limited stores that service instruments and they are had to get to here.  There are several guitars that have been stripped to keep a few working ... causing several people to not have so some can.  The price of strings here is ridiculous and the players here are appreciative for anything ... no need for elixers best.  All they need is functional here.


Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

The basic stating rig for a church plant here is a guitar player.  They have several church plants already in progress that are thriving and growing, but having to use what they have ... and it is destroying equipment that should be used for other reasons.  They need bass amps ... specifically intended for that use.


Water Filters

The water here is potable (drinkable) but it is extremely chlorinated ... very hard to drink. It would be a blessing for them to be able to stop buying so much bottled water ... 5 gallons per day, per household ... to be able to drink from their refridgerators and sinks.  In-line cylindrical refrigerator filters and in-line sink faucet filters would be a blessing to the people here.  Consider this: the ministers here do not hold office hours like we are used to ... their office is their house and their office hours are 24/7.  I have witnessed so many ppl walk through these doors just to eat or drink some water ... it is very hot outside.  An investment in the ministers here is always an investment in the people.  The ministers here consider all they have to be a provision to help the people.


Instant Water Heaters

The only water heaters the people here have, if any is THIS.  The houses are not equipped for traditional hot water heaters...everything is brick and block.  Anything placed outside on the ground is subject to thievery ... seriously, like nothing I have ever seen!  So dishes are washed without hot water, clothes are washed without hot water ... the shower heaters like that in the link barely warm the water enough to keep the cold from hurting ... they do not even warm the water.  Again, be reminded, they are always feeding people out of their houses ... so dishes are aplenty!


Dishwashing Machines

Every meal cooked here is cooked with the idea that many will need to eat .. and many do.  I have watched alot of people stop by and ask to eat ... and be fed.  The dishes stack up fast b/c the ministry needs are also demanding.  The ministers are forced to often leave stacks of dishes to be food for scores of ants while they minister among their congregation ... returning around midnight they exhaustingly wash their dishes before bed ... a dishwasher would be a huge blessing to these ministers.  It would afford them to take care of their home with much greater efficiency.


Pesticides and Ant Killer

Bugs, especially ants and spiders, are my constant and faithful companion.  They are in everything.  The only way to "rid" them is to hire a pest exterminator ... which do a lousy job.  Just being able to spray the corners of the cabinets with pesticides would help prevent the scores of ants destroying all of the food (Click Here!!!)  ... bread is a new sight ... you have to shake the ants out of it before you eat it ... any food left for hungry people to eat is quickly saturated with ants ... which they quickly brush out of the way then eat ... but this can easily be fixed by providing them with resources not offered here.


Air Conditioning Units

The IPA has a licensed AC installer but the costs here are extra ordinary.  For instance, a single 25000 BTU window unit costs around $3000 (American) where here it costs only $650 here in the US.  A single 5 ton unit costs about $7000 US but here in the US it costs only around $700 ... we can really help these people.  Imagine a convention with no AC ... several hundred people and the heat created by their attendance.  Try to imagine paying attention to a gospel presentation while soaing in sweat ... it is very uncomfortable yet the ministers are faithful and the people still come.  But more would come and be more open ... we can help here!


Electical Materials

Varying gauges of wiring starting at 12 and going down (thicker) - mostly 12-2 and 12-3 though ...indoor and outdoor as well as outlet boxes ... exterior ... everything here is cinder block and concrete ... so there is no installing flush mounted boxes.  They also have a huge need for outlets (110), PVC conduit, and fixtures.